Reasons Why You Need Regular Checkups with Your Dentist 

If you’re like most individuals, visiting your professional and expert dentist every 6 months is surely not the kind of thing you want to do. Although you do not look forward to it, it’s an appointment you have to keep. As a matter of fact, if you have ever thought why you need a regular checkup and cleaning with your dentist, there are actually excellent reasons for it. 


Most individuals skip their scheduled dental checkups because of its cost. While some avoid visiting their dentist because they do not have the leisure time to do so. In addition to that, several people avoid visiting to their dentist because of the fear of pain and some suffer from dental anxiety. If you’re into one of these divisions, you should probably know already the risks of not complying your regular checkups and cleanings to your dentist.  

Avoiding to visit your dentist can lead to severe dental issues which would need a great deal of treatment which is very costly. The following are some of the excellent reasons why you should not skip your scheduled dental visits: 

  1. Early Detection for Oral Cancer

If detected in its early stage, an oral cancer is somehow treatable. However, if it is not, it will cost someone’s life. There are a lot of symptoms of an oral cancer and they could be hard to determine unless you are a professional medical practitioner. Your dentist has the skills and enough experience to be able to determine the symptoms of an oral cancer. And if you comply your regular checkups every 6 months, and for instance, you have oral cancer, your dentist will know it and early treatment will be immediately given to you in an early stage.        

  1. Tartar, Plaque and Cavities

Regardless of how well and often you floss and brush your teeth, there are still portions of your oral cavity which you will not be able to clean. When the plaque accumulates on your teeth, it’ll be very hard and, in some instances, impossible to get rid of with your brush and eventually, it will become a tartar. Unfortunately, is very hard to remove without the help of a professional. 

When you follow your dental schedules and have your teeth cleaned and checked every 6 months, it will keep tartar from damaging your teeth and making holes in them, which is known to be cavities. Cavities are very sneaky, and they do not give you any warning when they’re going to happen. You will basically suffer from minor toothache however, only after your tooth has already been decayed.  

When the damaged to your teeth is done, and you already have cavities, you will be required to have them filled. Aside from that, if the tooth decay is very severe, you will be required to have a root canal, or worse, have it extracted. A decay can be avoided if you only comply your regular dental visits or cleanings to have the tartar and plaque removed before it causes very serious problems over time. On top of that, dental cleanings are very much less expensive compared to an extraction, a root canal or a filling. Also, if you want to know more about dental implant cost Gramercy Park (New York City), simply click the link. 

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