Safety Tips While Repairing Computers

Apart from the fact that computer repair helps you save your money and time, it is also fun to do. However, regardless of the perks that come in computer repair Jacksonville FL, you should never compromise your safety. Here are some of the safety tips to keep in mind as you repair computers: 

Turn off the switch 

Before you attempt to service anything, make sure that the power is switched off. Always do this first before anything else whenever you work with electronics. Do not even try opening a computer case until the power is entirely flipped. If you can observe any flashing or glow in the case, make sure that you have really turned it off and not just on sleep mode.  

A lot of power supply units have a mechanical switch usually found on the back, which kills device power and the rest of your computer. If your PSU is integrated with this component, switch it to its off position.  

If you are working on a tablet, netbook, or laptop, guarantee to remove the battery and disconnect the AC power, before disassembling or removing any parts of your computer.  

Unplug your computer wire for additional safety 

Another precaution to do is to unplug your computer from the power or wall strip. If you still have doubts about whether your computer was entirely switched off, you can guarantee that it is settled now if you unplug it to its source.  

Avoid smells and smoke 

If you can observe smoke that comes from inside the case or the power supply or smell a solder or burning scent, here are the things you should do: 

  • Stop what you are doing 
  • Do not wait for your PC to shut down and unplug the computer from the wall.  
  • Let the PC discharge unplugged or cool for a minimum of 5 min.  

Ultimately, when you know what device produced the smell of smoke, make sure to replace and remove it before you keep on using your PC. Never attempt to fix a device that has been ultimately damaged, particularly if it is a power supply.  

Do not repair the non-serviceable 

If you get to see a label that indicates “No serviceable parts inside,” then do not consider it as a suggestion or a challenge. In fact, this is a serious statement.  

Avoid capacitors 

Capacitors are small electronic parts that have several parts in a PC. After the power is switched off, capacitors keep electric charges for a short while. Meaning, it would be wise to wait for some minutes after you pull the plug before you work you your computer.  

Do not wear any hand jewelry 

A simple way to become electrocuted is to work with a high-voltage device such as a power supply as you wear bracelets, watches, or metal rings. Make sure to remove or at least not to wear any conductive from your hands before you work in your computer, particularly when you are doing something such as power supply testing.  


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